Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center

City: Haifa

Region: North

The Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center was established by Clalit Health Services in 1976. The old campus was opened in the 1940’s. Carmel Medical Center is located in Haifa, a city with a population of 280,000. Haifa is a mixed city where members of all religions –Jews and Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bahai live, work and play together. Carmel was established to introduce the new concept of close connection and continuity between community healthcare and the hospital. Carmel earned The Best Hospital Award in 2021.

Carmel has several Centers of Excellence, including:

  • Cardio-vascular medicine: Cardiology and CCU, Cardiothoracic surgery, Vascular surgery
  • Intensive care units and regional ECMO service
  • Surgical oncology (lung, liver, pancreas, kidneys, head and neck, gynecology, breast) including robotic surgery
  • Lung tumor rapid diagnosis
  • Obstetrics and maternity

Hospital Annual Activity – 2021

  • ER Visits: 220/Day 82,000/Year
  • 32,000 Admissions
  • 140,000 Admission days
  • 23,000 Operations & Procedures
  • 3,800 deliveries
  • 140,000 Ambulatory Visits

Academic Activity

  • Affiliated with the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
  • 260 residents in different phases of their residency
  • Nearly 370 ongoing research work

Medical Technologies

  • 1 mobile MRI
  • 2 CT scans
  • 3 – nuclear cameras in out nuclear medicine unit
  • 2 coronary Cath labs.
  • 2 Angiography units
  • da Vinci surgical system

New technologies in process

  • PET CT
  • 3rd Catheterization lab
  • Permanent MRI unit

An aerial view of Carmel Medical Center at dusk