Beit Rivka Geriatric Medical Center

City: Petach Tikvah

Region: Central

Beit Rivka Geriatric Medical Center, located in Petach Tikvah, treats and assists the functionally disabled elderly. Beit Rivka is faculty affiliate with the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and accredited by the Israeli Medical Association -Scientific Council as a primary site for training of residents in Geriatrics. Beit Rivka is recognized for its state-of-the art treatments, professional medical and para-professional staff, advanced therapeutic methods and technologies and attention to both patients’ needs and those of their families. The Center has ten specialized departments including neuro-geriatric and orthopedic geriatric rehabilitation.

Patients at Beit Rivka include the very founders of the State of Israel—men and women who participated in the War of Independence—and 40% of patients are Holocaust survivors. Today, these builders of Israel need rehabilitation after suffering from hip fractures, paralyzing strokes and other disabling events associated with advanced age.

Over 2,500 patients are treated each year at Beit Rivka. The medical Team and nursing staff in each department accompany the patients 24 hours a day. Its dedicated staff is guided by respect for the patient; a sense of warmth, care and concern; the highest professional standards; and commitment to preserving patients’ individual ability to function.