Soroka Medical Center

City: Beer Sheba

Region: Negev

Soroka Medical Center is among Israel’s largest and most advanced hospitals, and the country’s most active. Soroka is the only major medical center in the entire Negev, serving a population of more than one million inhabitants, including 400,000 children, in a region that accounts for 60% of the country’s total land area. Soroka serves as the teaching hospital of the Ben-Gurion University Medical School, whose Faculty of Health Sciences is located on the hospital campus.

On par with leading international institutions, Soroka is a recognized specialist in areas including early detection and treatment of breast cancer using minimally invasive procedures; revolutionary treatment of myocardial infarction involving genetic engineering; non-invasive removal of malignant tumors; leading research in the development of skin cell transplants; trauma rehabilitation of children and adolescents; pediatric infectious diseases; and much more.

Each year, Soroka cares for more than 500,000 outpatient clinic visits and 200,000 emergency cases, 80,000 hospitalizations fill its 1,000 beds, over 32,000 surgical procedures are performed, and more than 13,000 babies are born. Its neonatal and pediatric departments provide family-centered intensive care with world-class survival rates.

Soroka’s Trauma Unit is the largest and busiest in Israel, always on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Soroka serves as the regional trauma center for victims of terror and for all Israel Defense Force bases in and near the Negev. This need is unfortunately constant and increasing. More than 3,000 trauma patients are admitted to Soroka annually.

Soroka’s physicians travel in mobile units to care for patients in remote clinics as part of Soroka’s community outreach programs. Soroka educates the Negev’s diverse population in preventive care and public health. Soroka is also the largest employer in the Negev, with more than 4,000 employees, including more than 800 new immigrants on staff at all levels of responsibility.

Soroka Medical Center stands at the forefront of medical progress, and is currently upgrading and enhancing research capabilities and the healthcare it provides. Soroka’s staff is dedicated to advancing research and to providing the best medical and emergency care, while treating the patient as a whole human being.

Soroka Medical Center combines medical excellence, dedication, and the achievements of pioneering Israel, with significant opportunities to partner in meeting very immediate needs and having a very real impact on the lives of families and children.