Kaplan Medical Center

City: Rehovot

Region: Central

Established in 1953, Kaplan Medical Center serves over 450,000 citizens and attends to thousands of surgeries, births and ER admissions each year. Kaplan conducts research projects with the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science, which is also located in Rehovot.

Recognized for its expertise in hand surgery, pediatric emergency care and cancer treatment, the Kaplan Medical Center is also home to Harzfeld Geriatric Hospital and is building a brand-new pediatric care center. Kaplan has built a model of excellence and accessibility based on the following key strategies:

  • Treatment partnership team – creating continuity and a treatment partnership between patients, their families, community doctors and Kaplan physicians;
  • Emergency medicine team – developing and improving emergency medical services;
  • “Close to Heart” – developing a compassionate approach to patient care;
  • Availability and accessibility – actual accessibility and service accessibility to the client inside the hospital and out.