Geha Psychiatric Hospital Emergency Room

Founded in 1942, Geha Mental Health Center is Israel’s leading psychiatric hospital. There was an urgent need for a new adult outpatient clinic, emergency room and equipment. Israel Healthcare Foundation used its resources to raise the necessary funds to create the new emergency room and clinic and buy updated equipment.

With 166 beds, Geha cares for 1600 admissions to its inpatient wards annually. Its four outpatient clinics and day care units handle 50,000 patient visits each year. On average, the hospital is at over 100% capacity.

In the last two years, new referrals rose by more than 50%. The total number of patients rose by 24%.

IHF raised funds which supplied the space and equipment to the skilled therapists and supporting personnel to provide modern efficient care to address the needs of a significantly at-risk and under-served population.

Thanks to the Israel Healthcare Foundation’s work, Geha Psychiatric Hospital can continue to provide excellent care to all its patients.