• Carmel Medical Center Secure Operating Rooms

    Carmel Medical Center Secure Operating Rooms

    In response to the Hezbollah threats, the Israel Healthcare Foundation mobilized to meet the need for the fortification of this model operating center. With dedicated cultivation of American donors, Israel Healthcare Foundation galvanized support for this medical center – securing the renovation of three operating rooms to withstand acts of warfare. The people of Haifa can rest assured that Carmel Medical Center is a haven of health, where its patients can confidently step through its doors, leaving turmoil behind, and be treated safely.

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  • Soroka Cancer Conference

    Soroka Cancer Conference

    In 2016, IHF assembled 30 leading cancer researchers for a daylong symposium to discuss their research. The symposium included researchers from the U.S., Europe and Israel, including Dr. Kenneth Offit, head of clinical genetics at MSKCC, Dr. Judy Garber, past-president of the American Association for Cancer Research, and two from Soroka Medical Center: Dr. Ehud Davidson, its director-general and Dr. David Geffen, chief of breast oncology services. Dr. Larry Norton, also at MSKCC, was among the key leaders of the symposium.

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