Clalit-Israel's National Health Service



Clalit serves 54% of all Israelis, through:


Community Medical Centers 

•   559 Urban Primary Care Medical Centers
•   248 Specialist Medical Centers
•   591 Rural Medical Centers
•   26  Pediatric centers
•   37  Woman centers


Hospital Services

•   8 General Hospitals
•   2 Psychiatric Hospitals
•   3 Rehabilitation Hospitals
•   1 Children’s Hospital



•   The Basil and Gerald Felsenstein Medical Research Center – a complete support environment

     dedicated to applied medical research

•   Research centers in all Clalit hospitals and districts


Clalit saves lives around the world through international rescue missions

In times of crisis, Clalit doctors join Israel's medical missions to help countries in need. Its doctors were first on the ground after the earthquake that shook Haiti, have gone to areas destroyed by tsunamis, have treated thousands of people in underdeveloped nations and have saved lives in times of natural disasters.


Here are the services Clalit provides for its four million members: