Clalit-Israel's National Health Service




In 1911, a group of 150 immigrant workers joined together to form a mutual aid health care association. In those years, as Israel’s pioneers worked on swamp-infested land, there was little water and few resources to rely upon. Disease spread rapidly.


They knew that to help themselves they had to help each other and voluntarily set aside a portion of their wages, according to income, for the medical treatment of the sick. Thus Clalit (known then as Kupat Holim Clalit) came into being, launching an impressive history of cooperation and service.


With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Clalit led the structuring of the national health care system to provide for the huge wave of new immigrants. Through its intense efforts, Clalit made decisive contributions to the fledgling nation, both in times of war and in times of peace. The Clalit clinics quickly became a landmark in every neighborhood of the country where the residents can find care and healing.


Clalit has since developed into Israel’s major health organization, and one of the most progressive public health associations in the world. Through its 14 hospitals and over 1400 primary and specialized community medical centers, Clalit provides advanced, culturally-sensitive medical care to four million insured members from every ethnic group and geographic area in Israel. It is the only health care provider with a countrywide network of state-of-the-art pharmacies, dental clinics, laboratories, diagnostic imaging and specialist centers.


Clalit's e-health services now bring advanced medical care into the home of every member. Patients can access their medical information including laboratory results with interpretations in layman's terms; schedule appointments with family physicians, pediatricians, and consulting doctors; and consult with specialists via internet video chat. The telemedicine program for integrated medical records and sharing of electronic medical data ensures holistic, quality medical care. 


Clalit conducts clinical, biomedical and social science research in its own facilities, or in cooperation with Israel’s universities and scientific institutions. In national emergencies, Clalit sends doctors and nurses to air raid shelters and turns civilian hospitals over to emergency needs.