Clalit-Israel's National Health Service


Fast Facts

•    Largest health care service provider in Israel

•    4 million insured


•    70% of the elderly – 500,000 million individuals over 65

•    73% of the Arab population, 1 million individuals

•    Only health care organization to run its own hospitals 

•    14 hospitals, including three national centers of excellence:
      Children’s Hospital
      Comprehensive cancer center
      Organ transplant center


•    All general hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International on Accreditation

      of Health Care Organizations

•    36,000 employees, including doctors, nurses, researchers, pharmacists, paramedics,

       laboratory/imaging technicians and administrative personnel

•    16 million primary care visits a year

•    40,000 births on average, per year

•    3,000 open heart surgeries per year

•   A network of over 370 pharmacies

•   Three nursing schools

•   At the forefront of next generation Web-based, patient-centered  healthcare  services:

     Online medical consultation
     Online patient access to individual medical test results
     Online appointments for general practitioners and specialists 

•   Integrated, on-line medical records for smooth transitions from general practitioners to 

    specialists and from clinics to hospitals

•   Thousands of Israel's leading researchers

•   Global groundbreaking research including clinical trials and outcome research